The shoulder joint is a complicated series of muscles, labrum tissues and ligaments. It is one of the only two ball and socket joints (the other being the hip), allowing it to have the biggest range of motion in the body. There are many injuries that are specific to the shoulder.

Common shoulder problems:

Serious shoulder injuries including fractures of the clavicle and humeral head normally occur only in the case of direct trauma, such as a fall from great heights, impact sports and a traffic accident.  Therefore a majority of the injuries mentioned above are attributed due to normal wear and tear of the joint. Fortunately treatment options tend to be quite effective and recovery periods relatively short.  In many cases, simply rest and anti-inflammatory medicine allow the body to naturally heal itself. However, in more severe cases, arthroscopic surgery is the option of choice due to being low risk and short recovery period. Arthroscopic surgery is carried out by making small incisions near the affected area, and inserting specialised instruments through those incisions to access the joint. Without the need to open up the entire area to carry out the surgery, recovery periods can be drastically reduced.